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Accessible Transportation Systems

Handicap Van Sales

handicapped-van-salesFor over twenty five years, Mobility Independent Transportation Systems, Inc. (M.I.T.S. Corporation) has been serving the Mid-Atlantic region, offering mobility products such as wheelchair lifts and specially designed ergonomic driving controls for customized handicap vans.  Review all our wheelchair vans for sale or contact a handicap van specialist today.

Consignment Pledge

vehicle-conversionsWe want you to be satisfied with your new or used wheelchair accessible handicap van purchase. That’s why we offer a van resale commitment on every van sold.  M.I.T.S Corporation will, for any reason at any time, sell your van and conversion van for you on Consignment, for the price you indicate, at NO CHARGE. Contact us today and learn more.

Friendly Staff

friendly-serviceOur team of trusted independent mobility professionals have one goal in mind and that is to ensure that all of our customers receive the individual time and attention they so rightly deserve. Our handicap van sales, service and management teams have been assisting customers with independent mobility transportation solutions for over 25 years. Learn more about our staff.

Handicap Van Service

Handicap Van ServiceHandicapped van service is one of our specialties.  Our team of service professionals takes pride in providing quality wheelchair accessible van services. Keep your van in tip top shape with M.I.T.S.’s guaranteed services that provide peace of mind. Schedule your handicap van service appointment by contacting us today.

M.I.T.S. Provides Mobility

At Mobility Independent Transportation Systems (M.I.T.S.), providing a sense of independence to customers with disabilities is our utmost concern. We work with our clients, ensuring that they receive the time and attention they deserve in order to choose the wheelchair van that meets their needs. It is our goal to help our customers understand the options all our wheelchair accessible vans have to offer, and in the end, helping them achieve a greater level of independence and higher quality of living.

Why Choose a Wheelchair Minivan

Unlike full measurement handicap vans that provide van access using lifts, wheelchair accessible minivans are the preferred choice of individuals with disabilities. They differ by offering a greater value for the dollar, are easier to drive and park, and achieve a higher fuel mileage than wheelchair lift vans.

Recently, wheelchair van manufacturers have taken into consideration the height of individuals, and have designed their product lines to meet the height requirements to all new and existing clients. No longer do taller individuals need to compromise maneuverability and pay higher gas premiums in order to achieve independence. Wheelchair Accessible Minivans are not only affordable but also stylish.

Cost is often a factor in the decision making process. In order to ensure affordability for all, there are both automatic and manual options available to handicapped van solutions. Keeping the budget in mind, we will work with each and every customer, to ensure that their budgetary needs are kept in check, while at the same time, helping them achieve independence through transportation.

There are several varieties of ramps available to wheelchair vans, such as power, spring loaded, In-Floor and bi-fold wheelchair ramps. The most popular and affordable ramp is the bi-fold. This type of ramp is made of lightweight aluminum, making it easy to maneuver. It extends outward, offering wheelchairs and scooters easy interior access. This ramp can be used for accessing both the side and rear wheelchair accessible van entry points. Considering the wheelchair ramp is manually operated, there is no need to worry about power failures.

Wheelchair Van Driving Controls

We offer a large selection of ergonomic driving controls that help our clientele remain active. Hand controls that provide braking and acceleration are easy to use and easy on the eye. We also offer extensions and foot controls that make starting and brake setting easy.

Hand and foot controls not only make everyday driving activities an ease, they are adaptable to most cars, minivans and trucks and are reliable and ergonomically designed.

We invite you to take a look at our many, quality handi-capable wheelchair vans and driving control product offerings. We also feature commercial wheelchair vans as well as scooters and lifts. If you have any further questions, or can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please call us at 1-800-243-6487 or email us today and a Mobility Independent Transportation Systems specialist will be happy to assist you.